HONEYWELL 4101SN V-Plex Single Output Relay Module

HONEYWELL 4101SN V-Plex Single Output Relay Module


The ADEMCO 4101SN V-PlexTM Single Output Relay Module is an accessory

for use with ADEMCO control panels that support serial number addressable

polling loop output devices.


The 4101SN features the following:

• Form C relay contacts rated at 2A, 28VACNDC with contact supervision.
The position of the relay is supervised, but not the actual external contact wiring.
Note: Some panels may not support this feature. 

• One class B/style B EOLR-supervised aux input zone. 

• Operating power and communication with control panels via the addressable V-PlexTM polling loop. 

• Electronics mounted in a small plastic case with tamper-protected cover. Suitable for residential and

commercial burglary and fire installations.

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