HONEYWELL 4190SN V-Plex Module

HONEYWELL 4190SN V-Plex Module


Two-Zone Remote Point Module

The ADEMCO 4190SN addressable V-PlexTM module is a two-zone

expander which allows use of the available expansion zones provided

by ADEMCO controls that support V-Plex devices.


• Serial mode programmable

• Left Zone - EOLR supervised, open or closed circuit sensors

• Right Zone - unsupervised, closed circuit sensors

• UL listed for fire and burglary installations

The 4190SN consists of two detection loops, known as the left (primary) and right (secondary) loops.

The left loop can be used for:

• Closed-circuit devices with or without EOLR supervision

• Open-circuit devices, with EOLR supervision

• Fast-response (10 millisecond) devices

Follow the chart below for cutting the correct jumpers and choosing the correct resistor when using

the left loop. The right loop can be used for:

• Closed-circuit devices only

• Has no EOLR supervision

• 400 millisecond response time  

The jumpers do not affect the operation of the right loop. The right loop cannot be used alone.


The tamper/supervision response of the 4190SN is determined by the zone response type

assigned to the left loop zone. While the system is armed, tamper/supervisory faults will

report as alarms if the left loop zone is assigned a burglary response type and will report

as troubles if the left loop zone is assigned a non-burglary response type (i.e., fire, panic, aux).

While the system is disarmed, tamper/supervisory will always report as troubles.


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