HONEYWELL 4208SN Eight Zone Expander

HONEYWELL 4208SN Eight Zone Expander


Serialized Eight Zone Remote Point Module

The 4208SN Remote Point Module (RPM) is an eight-zone

expander that allows the use of available expansion zones

on Honeywell VISTA controls that support V-Plex® polling loop devices.


• Can be used on controls that support up to 250 zones

• Can be optionally powered from an external DC power supply to reduce the amount of current

draw from the polling loop

• Uniquely identified eight EOLR supervised zones (all zones use 10K resistors, supplied)

• Each zone is identified by a unique serial number, which is assigned via on-board DIP switches

• Detects faults on all zones within 400ms of occurence

• Loops A & B can be programmed for fast (10ms) response

• Provides cover tamper protection, which may be enabled or disabled via on board DIP switches


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