HONEYWELL 4232CBM Connected building module

HONEYWELL 4232CBM Connected building module


Honeywell’s 4232CBM Connected Building Module is designed to support

VISTA security panels with a variety of Honeywell and third-party hardware

and software products. This module is intended for applications such as

home or building automation. It enables communication between products

by providing high-speed RS232 and RS422 serial interfaces for connection

to external systems and a standard four-wire ECP interface for connection

to the security control panel.


• Mounts directly in control panel cabinet using double-sided tape (included)

• Three-wire RS232 or four-wire RS422 interface to external equipment

• Four status LEDs for system troubleshooting

• Driver software is required to use this module; this software is provided

separately. To obtain drivers, consult the third party vendor with whom you need to work

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