HONEYWELL 5809SS Fixed Heat and Rate-of-rise Detector

HONEYWELL 5809SS Fixed Heat and Rate-of-rise Detector


Honeywell's 5809SS wireless fixed heat and rate-of-rise temperature sensors offer expanded fire detection and installation flexibility. They are ideal for hard-to-wire locations and applications that require more than smoke detection. This is a fast and easy install with no wires to run.

5809SS contains a built-in fixed temperature sensor, which will signal an alarm if the environmental temperature rises above 135°F. The 5809SS also incorporates an additional rate-of-rise temperature sensor. Fires typically cause a rapid rise in temperature in the surrounding area. The 5809SS’ rate-of-rise thermostat senses the rise in temperature and signals an alarm if the increase is 15°F or more per minute. The 5809SS is UL Listed (UL 521) and CSFM approved for commercial and residential applications.


• Contains a built-in transmitter which can send alarm, supervisory and

battery condition messages to the system’s receiver/control unit

• Powered by a three-volt lithium battery. If the battery voltage gets

too low, the 5809 sends a low battery signal to the control panel

• Features a tamper switch, which causes a trouble signal to be sent

to the control if the unit is removed from the mounting base

• UL Listed for Commercial (when using 5881EH Receiver) or Residential applications

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