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TOA Sound System Mixer Power Amplifier A‐1812 UK

Equipped with Priority function, Chime function, and 2 Zone selector switches, the A-1812 PA Amplifier of 120 W is designed to suit the following PA system applications: paging announcements, intercommunications, BGM, and broadcasting in schools, offices, and shops. It's power remote control function, provided especially for use in conjunction with the P-1812 (optional), will turn ON or OFF the P-1812's power.

3 versions available: 30 W, 60 W or 120 W
User-friendly front panel for easy operation
Individual zone speaker selection buttons enable broadcasting to 2 separate zones
3 MIC inputs with MIC 1 priority override
One of 3 different program sources can be broadcasted
High-quality circuitry enables wide frequency response (e.g. for CD music sources and for FGM/BGM speakers)
Recording output
Built-in MIC 1 chime for use with optional remote microphone
Remote-in terminal for emergency control with automatic setting of default output level for the emergency input

(TOA) - أنظمة الصوت SOUND SYSTEM