NOTIFIER FIRE ALARM Audio Amplifier AA-120

AA-120 NOTIFIER, 120 Watt Audio Amplifier @ 25 VRMS w/built-in tone generator, 120 VAC.

The AA-120 Notifier series audio amplifiers provide traditional high level audio technology for use with Notifier’s integrated voice evacuation systems. The AA Series is compatible with classic audio systems such as the AMG-1 as well as the DVC (Digital Voice Command Series) when used with the DVC-AO analog audio option.

• AA-120 provides up to 120 watts of 25 Vrms audio power.
• Low-power standby mode for low battery drain.
• Includes grouped or one-to-one backup amplifier switching bus.
• Battery input and brownout switch-over control.
• High-efficiency switched regulation.
• Plug-in terminal strips and cable connectors for ease of installation.
• 10-position level adjust and indicator LEDs.
• Separate mounting chassis is not required (integral chassis for mounting in a CAB-3/CAB-4 Series or EQ Cabinet Series enclosure).
• Includes a built-in automatic backup tone generator (slow whoop or high/low).
• Power-limited per UL requirements and NFPA as dictated by NEC Article 760.
• 240 VAC option.

Three models are available: the AA-30 (30 watts @ 25 Vrms), the AA-120 (120 watts @ 25 Vrms) and the AA-100 (100 watts @ 70.7 Vrms). All use power-switching technology to reduce production of heat and permit mounting in either 19″ (48.26 cm) racks or in standard Notifier cabinets (wall mount). All include power supply, battery switch-over control, amplifier supervision, and backup amplifier switch-over control.

(Notifier) - انذار الحريق FIRE ALARM