Bosch ACA-IC16K37-10 iCLASS 16K Wiegand Adhesive Tag (37-bit), 10 PK

Bosch ACA-IC16K37-10 iCLASS 16K Wiegand Adhesive Tag (37-bit), 10 PK

Product Highlights

• 13.56 MHz read and write contactless smart card technology

• Fast, reliable communications with high data integrity

• Mutual authentication, encrypted data transfer, and 64-bit diversified keys for read and write capabilities

• 2K bit or 16K bit configurations

• Thin cards support a magnetic stripe, barcode, artwork, or photograph

Product Details

iCLASS® Credentials use contactless smart card technology to provide enhanced security and a 13.56 MHz read and write platform for increased speed. iCLASS Cards, Tokens, and Adhesive Tags have large amounts of memory to support applications such as access control, biotechnology, network log-on security, cashless vending, time and attendance, and automotive vehicle identification. The credentials are available in 2K bit (256 Bytes) or 16K bit (2K Bytes) configurations.

iCLASS AdhesiveTags provide contactless smart card technology in a coin-sized, disk-shaped transponder. The tags attach to non-metallic objects, creating transition devices to use during the re-badging process. Upgrade from Wiegand, magnetic stripe or barium ferrite technologies and convert existing badges or cards into contactless proximity credentials.

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