NOTIFIER FIRE ALARM Remote Form-C relay module ACM-8R

ACM-8R Notifier, Annunciator control module 8 relays.
The ACM-8R is a module in the Notifier ACS class of annunciators. It provides a mappable relay output module for NFS(2)-3030, NFS(2)-640, and NFS-320 Fire Alarm Control Panels, and for NCA-2 Network Control Annunciators.

Provides eight Form-C relays with 5 A contacts.
The relays can be employed to track a variety of devices and panel points, in a grouped fashion.
Removable terminal blocks for ease of installation and service.
DIP switch selectable memory mapping of relays
ACM-8R can track a variety of input, output, panel functions, and addressable devices in a grouped fashion:

CPU status
Soft zones
Special hazard zones.
Addressable circuits
Power supply NACs.
Selectable points (NFS2-640 and NFS-320 only) when tracking “special” annunciator points.
Communication between the control panel and the ACM-8R is accomplished over a two-wire EIA-485 serial interface. This communication, to include the wiring, is supervised by the fire alarm control panel. Power for the annunciators is provided via a separate power loop from the control panel, which is inherently supervised (loss of power also results in a communication failure at the control panel).

The ACM-8R module will mount to CHS-4 chassis, a CHS-4L low-profile chassis (assumes one of four positions on the chassis), or CHS-4MB; or for remote applications, to an ABS8RB Annunciator Surface-mount backbox with blank faceplate.

(Notifier) - انذار الحريق FIRE ALARM