Bosch API-AMC2-4WE Wiegand Extension Board, api-amc2-4we

Bosch API-AMC2-4WE Wiegand Extension Board, api-amc2-4we

Product Highlights

RS485 connection to the AMC2 4W controller

• 4 Wiegand reader interfaces

• 8 analog inputs

• 8 relais outputs (wet or dry)

• Status of inputs and outputs shows on AMC2 4W LCD display

Product Details

The extension module API-AMC2-4WE is equipped with four Wiegand type reader-interfaces plus eight inputs and eight outputs. Hence with the API-AMC2-4WE it is possible to double the number of readers on an AMC2 4W from 4 to 8. The API-AMC2-4WE can not be deployed as an independent controller but only as an extension module for the AMC2 4W. Control and access decisions and bookings are carried out by the AMC2 4W alone. The AMC2 4W can be extended by a maximum of one API-AMC2-4WE plus a maximum of three I/O extension modules. As the extension modules contain neither memory nor display they are controlled and monitored entirely by the AMC2 4W.

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