Bosch Video Activation License Software, ASL-APE3P-VIDB

Bosch Video Activation License Software, ASL-APE3P-VIDB

Product Highlights

• Software for access control and security management utilizing the innovative Access Modular Controller family

• Cardholder administration of up to 10,000 records in the database

• Graphical location map with device control via both maps and device tree

• Alarm management with details via alarm list and animated GIFs on interactive location maps

• Video verification, video alarm verification, and video monitoring of live and recorded events

Product Details

Access PE provides self contained access control for small and medium-sized companies. Its installation is extremely simple and fast. There is no need to install and administer a database system. The system is easy to use and enables a person with minimal training to create badges and administer access rights in a very short time. Specific event logging and reporting allows you to trace who was when and where on your company’s grounds. You can choose your readers and cards from the same bundle of devices, which are supported by Bosch’s medium to large scale BIS/ACE Access Engine systems, thereby safeguarding your investment for future extensions. Card personalization is included in Access PE, providing you with the means to design your badges, to perform image acquisition with USBcameras and to use most commercially available Card Printers. In addition to given standardized door models it is possible to use extended I/O functionality to exert influence on diverse conditions while monitoring inputs or setting outputs.

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