Bosch C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Module

Bosch C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Module

Product Highlights

• Captures alarm and event data from dialer-based control panels using CONTACT ID, SIA, Modem II, Modem IIe, Modem IIIa2, Pulse, and other formats

• Performs full data transmissions without changing the data

• 12 VDC to 24 VDC voltage range

• Re-routes signals using UDP/IP-based data networks

• Convenient connection (RJ-45 Jack) to Ethernet networks

Product Details

The Conettix C900V2 Dialer Capture Ethernet Module works with most control panels using a standard digital dialer format and provides end-to-end security. The module links the digital dialer to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), the digital dialer’s telephone interface, and an Ethernet network. Whether a control panel dials through a telephone line or through the C900V2, the data remains the same. The C900V2 empowers digital dialer control panels to work over an IP network such as a Local Area Network (LAN), a Wide Area Network (WAN), or the Internet.

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