CA-1 Notifier, Chassis, DVC, One Row.

CA-1 Notifier, Chassis occupies one tier of a CAB-4 Series enclosure. The left side accommodates one DVC and a DVC-KD (optional); and the right side houses a CMIC-1 microphone and its well.

The DVC is the heart of an integrated, full-featured Audio Command Center. The DVC Digital Voice Command combines the capabilities of a powerful digital audio processor, an event-driven audio message generator, and a router.

Designed for use with Digital Audio Loop (DAL) devices such as DAA2, DAX, and DAA series digital amplifiers as well as the DS-DB, each DVC supports a dedicated audio network with up to eight channels of audio, five channels of firefighter telephone communications, and control and supervision for up to 32 DAL devices.

The DVC has two wire digital audio ports to connect to wire DAL segments. Either or both parts may be converted to multi-mode fiber or single-mode fiber using fiber option modules. Larger audio systems incorporating hundreds of amplifiers can be created by networking additional DVC units via NOTI•FIRE•NET™.

The DVC may be networked with ONYX® Series panels via NOTI•FIRE•NET with an NCA-2, or with an NFS2-3030 (running in network monitor mode). A DVC can be connected directly with a single NFS2-640 or NFS2-3030 Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) to create a standalone integrated audio solution as well.

Refer to the DVC manual for details. When used as an Audio Command Center with Emergency Paging capability, the optional DVC-KD Keypad Display is required.


  • Programmable from NUP port using VeriFire® Tools.
  • Up to 32 minutes of standard quality or 4 minutes of high quality digital audio storage of user-selected/created messages and tones. Supports twisted-pair wire media. Supports single- and multi-mode fiber-optic media when used with fiber option modules.
  • 4-channel analog audio supported with optional DVC-AO
  • Up to 1000 audio sequences.
  • Message prioritization.
  • Equations support flexible programming for the distribution of messages.
  • Electrically isolated digital audio ports for direct connection with up to 32 Digital Audio Loop (DAL) devices. Style 4 or 7 configurations supported.
  • Optional DS-RFM, DS-FM, and DS-SFM fiber modules may be used to convert one or both Digital Audio Ports for operation with single-mode or multi-mode fiber.
  • DCC (Display and Control Center) capabilities when used with optional DVC-KD.

(Notifier) - انذار الحريق FIRE ALARM