CHS-6 Notifier, Chassis.

The CHS-6 Notifier Chassis is shipped with two self-threading screws, which are used to fasten the chassis to the back wall of the cabinet. The CHS-6 Chassis fits into the BB-25 cabinet and the CAB-3 Series cabinets, A-size through D-size.

The chassis can fit into any of the CAB-3 Series cabinet rows except for the bottom row, which was designed for battery housing and does not have PEM studs for mounting.

Notifier’s CHS-6 Chassis, which can also be installed in a CAB-4 Series enclosure, is used to mount multi-circuit addressable module cards in fire control panels using FlashScan® or CLIP communications protocols. Designed for use with Notifier’s XP6 Series Multi-Circuit Addressable Module Cards.

(Notifier) - انذار الحريق FIRE ALARM