American Dynamics CPAKO5805-50 Camera Pack B/W, 580TVL, 5-50mm AI, Outdoor Housing, Wall Mount, EIA

Product Details

The ADC660 black & white 1/3-inch CCD cameras are full-performance, high-resolution imagers. Incorporating the latest in CCD technology, the camera provides improved control of video processing; this allows it to deliver higher resolution (580 TV lines) and enhanced sensitivity (0.03 lux). The camera can operate in extremely low light conditions, making it the perfect choice for any type of video application that requires higher levels of sensitivity and image quality. These cameras are sensitive to infrared light and are suitable for use in covert applications when used in conjunction with IR illuminators. The performance features of this camera make it the ideal choice to be used with other peripheral CCTV equipment such as indoor and outdoor housings.

The LD55013CS 1/3-inch Auto Iris Vari-Focal 5 - 50 mm Lens. Designed to produce consistent video signals from cameras in applications with varying light levels, American Dynamics auto iris lenses offer high contrast, fast signal response, color corrected optics, and low geometric distortion. Auto iris lenses enable reliable monitoring in areas where light levels are unpredictable. Auto iris lenses, combined with American Dynamics cameras, offer a value-driven alternative to traditional auto iris lenses.

The ADCH10HB is a high quality environmental housing designed for most CCD cameras and zoom lenses. This polycarbonate housing provides excellent protection for the installed camera. The 180° opening of the cover provides full and easy access to the camera and lens for trouble-free installation and servicing. The camera platform can be securely attached in any position along the full length of the housing. This platform is constructed of a rigid non-conductive material which helps to eliminate common grounding problems. In cold weather climates, or where condensation problems exist, the optional low current heater and blower automatically regulate heat in the housing to maintain a clear viewing window.

The ADCHMTWALL from American Dynamics is a wall mount designed for outdoor camera housing.

Camera Features

  • 1/3-inch interline black & white CCD
  • 580 TV lines resolution
  • 0.03 lux low light sensitivity
  • Sensitive to IR illumination
  • Supports DC-type or EE-type auto iris lenses
  • Aperture correction
  • Automatic electronic shutter
  • Automatic gain control
  • Automatic backlight compensation
  • Phase adjustable line-lock
  • Flicker-less mode
  • 24 VAC or 12 VDC input
  • Internal isolation transformer
  • Low power consumption

Lens Features

  • 1/3” format
  • Vari-focal length available
  • Slip clutch on lens for easy mounting
  • Color-corrected optics for clear, true images
  • High quality, compact designs
  • CS mount include

Housing Features

  • Outdoor housing
  • Space - efficient design accepts most cameras and lenses
  • Cover opens 180° for easy camera access
  • Tough, high-impact polymer construction
  • IP4/NEMA-3R protection
  • Automatic regulating heater available
  • 24 VAC blower
  • 24 VAC heater
  • Tamper resistant
  • Electrically isolated camera platform
  • Multiple cable pass mounts available

Mount Features

  • Outdoor mount
  • Load capacity: up to 8 kg (18.6 lbs)
  • Adjustable swivel heads
  • Concealed cabling

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