Bosch Dual Class A Initiating Circuit Module, D129

Bosch Dual Class A Initiating Circuit Module, D129

Product Highlights

• Adjustable alarm and reset delays

• Provides two supervised Class A (Style D) loops

• Reliable terminal connections

• Suitable for waterflow switches

• Compensates for sprinkler alarm valve fanning

Product Details

The D129 Dual Class A Initiating Circuit Module is a fire system interface for compatible Bosch Fire Alarm Control Panels. The D129 Module has two NFPA Class A (Style D) circuits suitable for use with retarded and non-retarded sprinkler waterflow switches. Each circuit has screwdriver-adjustable potentiometers for alarm retard and alarm reset delay. Separate alarm and retard delay potentiometers for each loop allows connecting different types of initiating devices on one module. Adjust the delay periods to compensate for sprinkler flow valve fanning. Multi-family occupancies, office buildings, and institutional facilities are typical installations where either or both sprinkler and mechanically-actuated devices are required.

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