Bosch Octal Driver Modules, D7048

Bosch Octal Driver Modules, D7048

Product Highlights

• Compatible with the D7024, FPD-7024, or FPA-1000 FACPs

• D7048 mounts inside the FACP enclosure; no separate enclosure needed

• Each driver output is fully programmable

• Up to two modules are supported by the FACP

Product Details

The D7048 Octal Driver Modules provide eight open-collector transistor outputs (current sinks) to the D7024 Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs), the FPD-7024 FACPs, or the FPA-1000 Analog Addressable Fire Panels through the control panel's option bus. The outputs on these modules provide current sinks (each output shorts to common when activated.) Use these outputs to power such devices as relays, LEDs, or Sonalert devices. The outputs on these modules are programmable, and each operates individually from the other seven for complete flexibility. The outputs can also be activated by several system events.

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