Bosch D8125MUX Multiplex Bus Interface

Bosch D8125MUX Multiplex Bus Interface

Product Highlights

• Multiplex bus controls two independent buses

• Aux Power terminals that can be used for remote devices

• Programmed with D5060 Handheld Programmer (not required for "i" class modules)

• Operation monitoring LED

• Connect to Zonex 1 or Zonex 2

Product Details

The D8125MUX Multiplex Bus Interface Module and associated modules are used to expand the compatible Bosch control panels beyond their standard number of onboard initiating zones or points. The D8125MUX module is installed in the control panel enclosure, and is connected to either Zonex 1 or Zonex 2 on the control panel where it scans the multiplex (MUX) points connected to it and reports the points’ status to the control panel. Point index programming then determines if an action on the part of the control panel is required (alarm response, trouble response, and so on).

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