Bosch D9210C-D203 D9210C Door Controller w/ D203 Enclosure

Bosch D9210C-D203 D9210C Door Controller w/ D203 Enclosure

Product Highlights

• Direct interface to 26-bit Wiegand card readers

• Onboard buzzer output

• Supervised onboard point

• Request to Exit and Request to Enter inputs that can have a shunt only option

• Four door states: Locked, Unlocked, Secured, Fire Unlock

Product Details

The D9210C Access Control Interface Module is a fully supervised, addressable SDI bus device that allows access control integration for Bosch G Series Control Panels. This highly reliable module offers 14 programmable levels of access authority. Authority for access is controlled by the level of the user, the time of day, the state of the door and the armed state of the area. Each of the authority restrictions can be controlled through automatic and manual functions. Users can be added to the system with local programming using RPS (Remote Programming Software), D5200, or with credentials using the Add User function through keypads.

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