NOTIFIER FIRE ALARM Digital Amplifier DAA2-5025

DAA2-5025 Notifier Digital Amplifier, 50W, 25V, 120 VAC.

The DAA2 Series amplifiers are multi-featured amplifiers with digital audio functionality. Each DAA2 is capable of accessing and processing one of up to eight audio channels on the DVC audio loop, amplifying the signal, and distributing it via four Class B or two Class A outputs. The DAA2-50 series amplifier is capable of mounting an optional BDA Digital amplifier, which can be used to provide one-to-one amplifier backup, or to support two-channel operation, or increased output wattage to 100W.

  • Listed to UL Standard 864, 9th edition.
  • 50 W total output power at 25 VRMS (all DAA2-5025 models) or 70 VRMS (all DAA2-5070 models).
  • Supports two Class A high-level audio outputs; or four Class B outputs.
  • Optional BDA amplifiers support alternative configurations.
  • Backup amplifier – supports one-to-one backup (all DAA2 models).
  • Primary amplifier – supports two-channel operation (all DAA2 models).
  • Primary amplifier – increase power up to 100W, one- or two-channel operation. (DAA2-50 series only, configuration rules apply.)
  • Supports one-to-many amplifier backup applications using the same model DAA2.
  • Firefighter telephone riser supports 7 active firefighter telephones. System Release 3.0 and higher supports optional configurations: direct connection for up to 7 firefighter telephones, or connection to multiple FTM-1    modules.
  • Remote microphone paging option with RM-1.
  • Audio output activation via network control-by-event equations resident within the DVC.
  • Two wire digital audio ports that can be converted to fiber using fiber option modules. Support Style 4 or 7 configurations.

The DAA2 has two wire digital audio ports to connect to wire DAL (digital audio loop) segments. Either or both ports may be converted to fiber using fiber option modules.

(Notifier) - انذار الحريق FIRE ALARM