Bosch Participant Database License, DCNM-LPD

Bosch Participant Database License, DCNM-LPD

Product Highlights

• Comprehensive database information for all participants

• Reuse of participant information across meetings

• Defines discussion, manages meeting and priority authorization for each individual participant

• Option to add pictures to participants

Product Details

The DCNM-LPD Participant Database software module enables you to compile a comprehensive database of information relating to participants in the Meeting Application. During the meeting preparation stage, participants can be assigned to the meeting. The advantage of this method is that persons participating in multiple meetings only need to be entered once, and can be assigned to any desired meeting without having to enter information for the same person again. Also, you can define a speaker list of participants for each individual agenda topic. Optionally, add pictures to participants that can then be used on the synoptic microphone control and the list of participants of the meeting. When there is no video available, the participant picture and details of the active speaker can be displayed during the meeting.

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