Bosch License for Voting at 1 Seat, DCNM-LSVT

Bosch License for Voting at 1 Seat, DCNM-LSVT

Product Highlights

• User friendly voting procedure

• Voting choice and results can be automatically displayed on the DICENTIS Multimedia and DICENTIS Discussion devices with touchscreen

• Voting results can be displayed in a synoptic layout

• Reuse of voting licenses for new seats if old seats are deleted

• Intuitive colored voting buttons for ease of use

Product Details

The functionality of the DCNM-LSVT discussion devices can be extended by the use of optional licenses. The Voting at Seat license enables the voting functionality of a DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen, Multimedia device or DICENTIS wireless Device Extended. The number of licenses has to correspond with the number of devices that require voting. The license is supplied as an activation code and is enabled in the same way as the other activation codes in the DICENTIS Wireless and DICENTIS Conference System.

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