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TOA SOUND SYSTEM Ambient Noise Controller DP-L2

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Ambient Noise Controller DP-L2


Ambient Noise Controller

The DP-L2 is a digital audio processor equipped with 2 Input, 2 Output, 1 ambient noise sensor microphone input and 1 monitor output and features easy setting of each function by the front panel operation. It is equipped with an ambient noise control function (The ANC function distinguishes between the unit's output sound and the ambient noise. The unit's output sound is not detected as noise.) and an automatic level control function that keeps the input signal level constant. It can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack (1 unit size).

► Digital audio processor adjusts BGM / announcement sound volume to match changes of ambient noise

► Automatic and accurate input and output sound level adjustment

► Output excluded from ambient noise sensing

► Easy, quick installation and simple operation

► 1-unit size

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