Bosch EVF-1122D/99-FGB Single 12

Bosch EVF-1122D/99-FGB Single 12" 2-Way 90° x 90° Full-Range

Product Highlights

• Fully-weatherized fiberglass finish with gland nut and stainless-steel grille

• DH7N 3" (76 mm) diaphragm, 1.4" (36 mm) exit pure titanium compression driver

• DVX3121A 12" (305 mm) LF transducer with fully symmetric drive

• Advanced fourth-order crossover network with HF protection

• Coverage pattern: 90° x 90° Constant Directivity 12" rotatable waveguide

Product Details

The EVF-1122D-99-FGB from Bosch is a single 12" 2-way 90° x 90° full-range fully-weatherized loudspeaker system, black. It features a 90° x 90° rotatable waveguide, design for near field wide throw raw spread coverage pattern. The EVF-1122D-99-FGB utilizes the DH7N, a high-output 3" titanium compression driver, coupled to a Constant Directivity 90° x 90° waveguide. The DVX3121A 12" woofer was developed using FEA optimization for motor, suspension, and electrical design to ensure very low distortion, high efficiency, and maximum intelligibility at high SPL. The crossover uses steep, 24-dB-per-octave slopes with equalization for very smooth response in the vocal range, linear off-axis response, and a protection circuit for long-term reliability.

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