Bosch 12" Two-Way Variable Int ...

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Bosch 12" Two-Way Variable Intensity Loudspeaker, White, EVI-12-WH

Product Highlights

• Variable Intensity horn for even coverage

• Two-way, full-range loudspeaker

• High sensitivity

• Vented LF enclosure

• 1.25-inch HF driver with titanium diaphragm

Product Details

The EVI-12-WH from Bosch is a full-range loudspeaker factory assembled system featuring a small-format Variable Intense horn and a 12-inch direct radiator in a vented enclosure. The EVI-12-WH is intended to be used as a stand-alone full-range system, but may also be used as the mid-bass/high-frequency component in most multi-way loudspeaker systems. The EVI-12-WH consists of a proprietary cast frame 305-mm (12-in.) high-power, long excursion low-frequency driver mounted within a vented chamber of 2.5 cubic feet, optimally tuned to provide unequalized low-frequency response to below 45 Hz. The high-frequency complement consists of a 25.4-mm (1.0-in.) exit compression driver utilizing a new small-format Vari Intense horn. This compensates for the drop in SPL over the longer distance to the back of the room (25 feet for the short throw and about 70 feet for the long throw in a typical room).

This single horn replaces a short-throw/long throw horn combination, reducing the material and labor costs of an installation. Electrical connections to the system are made by large screw terminals able to accept up to 12-gauge wire, mounted to an input panel on the back of the enclosure. The system is provided with a 2,000-Hz passive crossover featuring self-setting tweeter protection and asymmetric acoustic slopes with passive lobe steering for uniform coverage throughout the crossover region. The enclosure is constructed from 19-mm (0.75-in.) thick, thoroughly braced 7-ply birch plywood lined with sound-absorbent glass wool. The second option is available using the two T-nut locations on the front top of the enclosure as well as the pull-up location on the lower back of the enclosure. The EVI-12-WH kit of three forged shoulder eyebolts is available if structurally rated 3/8-16 eyebolts are not locally available. The system may then be hung individually or in an array.

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