Bosch EVI-28-BLK Dual 8" Two-W ...

Bosch EVI-28-BLK Dual 8

Bosch EVI-28-BLK Dual 8" Two-Way Variable Intensity Loudspeaker, Black

Product Highlights

• Ideal for reverberant spaces

• Variable Intensity horn for even coverage

• Two-way, full-range loudspeaker

• Vented LF enclosure

• 1.25-inch HF driver with titanium diaphragm

Product Details

The EVI-28-BLK from Bosch is a full-range loudspeaker which is a 250-watt, two-way, high-efficiency system featuring a new small-format Vari Intense horn and dual 210 mm (8-inch) direct radiators in a compact vented enclosure. The EVI-28 combines patented-Vari Intense technology with amplitude, frequency- and delay-shading techniques in a fully passive system to a package that is an industry first in performance, size and cost-effectiveness. It is intended to be used as a stand-alone full-range system, but may also be used as the midbass/high-frequency component in most multi-way loudspeaker systems.

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