Bosch EVID-S5.2W " 2-Way 8 Ohm ...

Bosch EVID-S5.2W

Bosch EVID-S5.2W " 2-Way 8 Ohms Commercial Loudspeaker, Pair, White

Product Highlights

• Innovative mount system is included for quick, simple, and reliable installations

• Carefully engineered for outdoor environments (IP54), without compromising performance

• Long throw 5" (133 mm) woofer housed in a fire rated ABS plastic enclosure for extended LF performance down to 60 Hz

• 75 W power handling provides for 109 dB maximum SPL (115 dB peak)

Product Details

he EVID-S5-2W from Bosch is a high-performance, two-way, full-range, 5" (133 mm) surface mount speaker with excellent wide, uniform coverage, and outstanding performance. It is designed for background and foreground music, paging, and sound reinforcement, and it's ideal for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, such as restaurants, bars, patios, retail, fitness clubs, hospitality, theme parks, leisure venues, and others. With unparalleled ease-of-installation, sturdy weather resistance, modern and delicate look, and its flexible mounting options, the EVID-S5-2W is the perfect solution for a wide variety of surface mount applications. The EVID-S5-2W includes the unique and innovative mount system, from Bosch, making every installation quick, simple, and reliable.

The EVID-S5-2W has been carefully engineered to resist outdoor environments, without compromising on performance for indoor applications. The full-range speaker is IP54 rated, and its weather-proofing is complemented with exceptional cabinet and grille resistance against sun, salt and moisture. The wide range of EVID surface mount speakers has been designed to work together as a complete system in a variety of different surface mount constructions, and to be used in combination with other EVID ceiling and in-wall speakers.

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