IDP-HEAT-ROR-IV Intelligent Addressable Smoke UL & FM detector with Base B501

IDP-Heat, IDP-Heat-HT, & IDP-Heat-ROR
The IDP-Heat, IDP-Heat-HT, and IDP-Heat-ROR are plug in thermal
detectors, with integral communication, that provide features that
surpass conventional detectors. These thermal detectors are for use
with Silent Knight IFP-series fire alarm control panels (FACPs).
Detector sensitivity can be programmed from the FACP software.
Sensitivity is continuously monitored and reported to the FACP.
Point ID capability allows each detector’s address to be set with
rotary address switches, providing exact detector locations for
selective maintenance when chamber contamination reaches
unacceptable levels.
IDP-Heat is a fixed temperature thermal detector that uses a
thermistor sensing circuit to produce 135ºF (57ºC) fixed thermal
IDP-Heat-HT is a variable high temperature detector that provides
high temperature detection at 135ºF – 190ºF (57ºC – 88ºC).
IDP-Heat-ROR is a fixed temperature and rate-of-rise thermal
detector that uses a thermistor sensing circuit to produce 135ºF
(57ºC) thermal protection.
• Sleek, low-profile design
• Reliable analog communications for trouble-free operation
• Age resistant polymer housing
• Innovative thermistor sensing circuit
• Superior EMI resistance for reliability
• Variety of mounting options to meet any application
• Dual LED indicators for 360º visibility
• Detector transmits signal to indicate maintenance is required
• Plug-in mounting provides ease of installation
• Optional remote LED annunciator (PN SSRA400Z; System
Sensor® PN RA400Z)
• Tamper-proof feature available on mounting bases
• Rotary address switches for fast installation
• UL Listed
The IDP thermal detectors plug into a compatible IDP-series

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