Farenhyt Fire alarm IFP-100ECS

Analog addressable fi re alarm controls combined with integrated
Emergency Communications Systems. The seamless combination
of fi re detection and emergency communication simplifi es operation
and programming of the entire system.
• Built-in Digital Message Repeater
• Supports up to 8 50W or 125W Addressable
 Amplifi ers for a maximum of 1000W per system
• Up to 64 mappable speaker circuits
• Built-in digital communicator with up/download capability
• Can select ECS message as priority over fi re
• 15 recordable messages that can be mapped to 8 ECS buttons
• Supports up to 7 ECS-RCU’s. The ECS-RCU meets the requirements
 for an LOC
• Programmable trigger inputs from an external source, such as
 a Monaco system, to either the VCM, RVM, or 5880. Up to 8 inputs
 available on each 5880 module
• Fire Alarm and ECS combined in one easy to program system

(FARENHYT) - انذار الحريق FIRE ALARM