Farenhyt Fire alarm IFP-2000ECS

The IFP-2000ECS is an intelligent analog/addressable fire
alarm control panel combined with an Emergency
Communication System (ECS). When the ECS features are
enabled, they are integrated with the fire alarm and voice
evacuation functions of the control panel. The IFP-2000ECS
panel and accessories provide features to meet the
requirements for Mass Notification Systems as described in UL
The basic IFP-2000 panel contains one built in signaling line
circuit (SLC), which can support 159 IDP sensors and 159 IDP
modules or 127 SD devices per loop. Additional SLC loops can
be added using the model 5815XL SLC expander to increase
the overall point capacity to a maximum of 636 points per
IFP-2000 has the interconnection capability for up to 16 panels.
The system has two modes of operation, Multiple panels
covering one larger building, or multiple independent buildings.
The IFP-2000ECS supports a variety of devices, including
RA-2000 remote annunciator, 5824 serial/parallel printer
interface module (for printing system reports), RPS-1000
intelligent power module, and IDP or SD devices.
• Can select ECS message as priority over fire.
• Support of up to 15 ECS-RCU2000’s. The ECS-RCU2000
meets the requirements for an LOC.
• Programmable trigger inputs from an external source, such
as a Monaco system, to either the VCM, RVM or 5880. Up to
eight inputs available on the 5880 module.
• Built-in support for up to 159 IDP detectors and 159 IDP
modules or 127 SD SLC devices.
• A network setup can contain up to 16 IFP-2000/ECS panels
connected within a networked system providing a maximum
point capacity of 10,176.
• All the features of the IFP-2000 Fire Alarm Control Panel
combined with an Emergency Communication System.
• 15 Recordable one minute messages that can be mapped to
eight ECS buttons.
• Support for up to 16 SBUS addressable amplifiers using a
combination of ECS-50W, ECS-125W or ECS-DUAL50W for
a maximum of 2000 watts per system and up to 128
mappable speaker circuits to 64 audio switches.
• Support for dual channel and backup audio using the
ECS-DUAL50W amplifier.
• Supports up to 16 Amplifiers for up to 2000 watts per system
• Single enclosure for both fire and emergency control system

(FARENHYT) - انذار الحريق FIRE ALARM