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Bosch Premium-Sound Cabinet Loudspeaker Range 20W, White, LB1-UM20E-L

Bosch Premium-Sound Cabinet Loudspeaker Range 20W, White, LB1-UM20E-L

Product Highlights

• High-fidelity music and speech reproduction

• Supplied with adjustable wall-mounting bracket

• Self-restoring overload protection

• Provision for internal mounting of the line / loudspeaker supervision board (sold separately)

• EN 54-24 certified

Product Details

The LB1-UM20E-L from Bosch is a 20W white Premium-Sound Cabinet Loudspeaker Range intended for clear reproduction of speech, foreground, and background music to be used in general indoor and outdoor applications. The range has a 20 W power handling capacity. The enclosures are made from aluminum with ABS top and bottom covers.

A self-restoring passive element protects the high-frequency driver against incidental overload. A 3-way ceramic terminal block with screw connections suitable for loop-through wiring is located in the compartment, at the base of the unit. An easy-to-install, sturdy wall mounting bracket is standard supplied. The same bracket can be used in combination with the universal floor stand LBC 1259/00 for temporary installations.

The typical applications are theme bars, music restaurants, theme parks, retail outlets, audio visual, boardrooms and offices, exhibition areas and presentation environments, and fitness centers. Its sound reproduction capability is attributed to the use of high-quality driver components and crossover network design.

It is supplied with a built-in 70 / 100 V transformer with taps on the primary winding for full-power, half-power, quarter-power, and one-eighth power radiation. These taps are connected to a rotary vari-tap switch located in the compartment at the base of the enclosure, to allow simple output power setting. A low ohmic connection is also provided on the vari-tap switch.

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