Bosch LBC2900/15 Handheld Dyna ...

Bosch LBC2900/15 Handheld Dynamic Microphone with Stereo Jack Plug

Bosch LBC2900/15 Handheld Dynamic Microphone with Stereo Jack Plug

Product Highlights

• Unidirectional dynamic microphone

• Handheld or stand-mounted use with clip (supplied)

• Rugged construction

• Modern non-reflective dark grey finish

Product Details

The LBC2900-15 from Bosch is an unidirectional microphone provides impressive audio performance at an economical price. The LBC2900-15 is based on a dynamic transducer element that is designed for high speech intelligibility. Its rugged enclosure is both stylish and easy to use in a wide range of public and sound reinforcement applications.

The LBC2900-15 is a unidirectional microphone intended for either handheld or stand-mounted use. It has excellent cardioid directivity, which reduces acoustic feedback. The built-in on/off switch on the microphone body and the 3‑pin lockable XLR connector at the base ensure that the microphone is easy to install and securely connected. Its modern design gives shielding against bursts (pops).

The LBC2900-15 is ideal for use with Bosch mixing amplifiers, which are fitted with jack or XLR connectors for the input channels. Together, they provide affordable yet highly versatile public address solutions for shops, restaurants, leisure centers, and other smaller applications.

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