Bosch LH3-UC25XL EX Flameproof ...

Bosch LH3-UC25XL EX Flameproof Horn Loudspeaker Long Flare

Bosch LH3-UC25XL EX Flameproof Horn Loudspeaker Long Flare

Product Highlights

• ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA , and INMETRO certified

• Constructed from sturdy, lightweight, anti-static Polyamide material

• Water- and dust-protected to class IP67

• Provision for connection of the optional supervision boards

Product Details

The LH3-UC25XL from Bosch is a horn loudspeaker is specifically designed and certified for installations where explosive gas-air mixtures are likely to be present. The horn is constructed from an anti-static Polyamide material, making the horn sturdy and light weighted. The longer flare design of the horn results in a higher sound pressure level where longer distance areas can be covered.

The horn loudspeaker is standard supplied with a sturdy stainless steel mounting bracket allowing the sound beam to be accurately directed. The mounting bracket has a ratchet facility to ensure it stays correctly positioned.

(BOSCH) - أنظمة الصوت HORN SPEAKER