Bosch MFX-15MC-B 15" Multi-use ...

Bosch MFX-15MC-B 15

Bosch MFX-15MC-B 15" Multi-use Coax Monitor, Black

Product Highlights

• Multi-functional, coaxial, short-throw point source for stage monitoring, FOH, front fill, and side fill

• Rugged tour-grade durability in a lightweight, ergonomic design

• Low profile maximizes audience sight lines

• Switched passive or biamp operation with factory presets for any application

• Range of mounting accessories for live sound and fixed installation

Product Details

The MFX-15MC-B is a MFX Multi-Functional Monitors deliver a new level of reference performance from compact, two-way, coaxial designs. In addition to their primary use as live sound stage monitors, they can also serve as shortthrow, full range sound reinforcement speakers (with or without subwoofer) and are appropriate for a wide range of permanent installations. The internal details of the cabinet were selected in order to maximize internal volume while maintaining a low stage profile to preserve sight lines. The input panel is recessed into the rear of the speaker, protecting connectors within the cabinet envelope. The panel includes NL4 input and loop-through connections, along with a passive/biamp switch.

The constant directivity waveguide has a narrow pattern when the speaker is used horizontally as monitor, and a wide pattern when the cabinet is oriented vertically for use as a short-throw loudspeaker. The relatively large physical size of the waveguide controls coverage more uniformly and to a lower frequency than competitive models. The dimensions and location of the waveguide interact with the woofer to effectively create a bipole output, enhancing coverage control through the midrange frequencies. This configuration contributes to excellent gain-before-feedback performance. The waveguide also functions as a structural support (standoff) for the grille, even when a lead singer’s boot rests directly on the speaker.

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