HONEYWELL OKP2N26 16K bits* PVC Card - 26 bit format

HONEYWELL OKP2N26 16K bits* PVC Card - 26 bit format


Credentials for Contactless Smart Card Readers

Honeywell’s OmniClass™ credentials are designed to work with the OmniClass readers. The OmniClass product line, built on 13.56MHz technology, is RFID based and provides excellent contactless sensing range (up to 4.5").

The OmniClass cards are laminated PVC cards that can be printed on both sides using a dye-sublimation or thermal transfer card printer. They can also be slot-punched on the short side for vertical orientation (portrait).

In addition to OmniClass cards, key fobs and stickers are also available. The rugged, molded key fobs include a slot for use with most key rings or badge clips. The stickers are thin, flat polycarbonate discs that have an industrial adhesive backing. The stickers are non-removable and can be affixed to the back of existing 125kHz proximity, Wiegand or magnetic stripe access cards, non-metallic surfaces of PDA’s, cellular phones, briefcases and other personal items.

OmniClass credentials are stocked in popular configurations. Special orders can be placed when the user needs to choose site code and card numbers and custom card orders are also available.

Honeywell can help you create a custom credential that meets your aesthetic and anti-counterfeiting needs. Anti-counterfeiting options include ultra-violet (UV) fluorescent inks, holograms and corporate logos.


• Multi-technology card configurations are available to help plan migrations and support multiple systems such as OmniClass and HID® Prox on the same card.

• Available in 2K-bit and 16K-bit sizes. The 2K-bit size is for access only while the 16K-bit size will support access and other applications.

• The ability to program the credentials in the factory or field.

• The ability to locally store biometric templates on the credential to protect privacy, increase system throughput, and eliminate template maintenance time in local readers.

• Custom options include: custom artwork, UV ink, surface or embedded hologram and an added contact smart chip module.

• Upgrade to OmniClass by adding a sticker to existing 125kHz proximity, Wiegand or magnetic stripe cards.

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