Bosch PC-18/XLR Multi-Pattern 18

Bosch PC-18/XLR Multi-Pattern 18" Gooseneck Microphone with XLR Base

Product Highlights

• Dual Capsule Design with four polar patterns: Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Supercardioid, and Hypercardioid

• Switchable high pass filter

• Consistent on-axis response

• 18 inch version

• Non-reflecting black finish

Product Details

The PC-18-XLR is multi-pattern miniature gooseneck podium microphone designed for sound reinforcement systems where sound quality and gain-before-feedback is of major importance. The multi-pattern versatility of the microphone makes it true “problem solver”. With 3 directional and one non-directional polar pattern available, the microphone is ideal for virtually any installation. Polar patterns can be easily changed, using a small flat bladed screwdriver with the front mounted rotary control.

Altering the polar pattern does not change the on-axis sonic character of the microphone, therefore changes in equalizer settings are unnecessary. The PC-18-XLR is acoustically designed for high-quality sound reinforcement and broadcast applications. The frequency response is tailored for wide-range sound reproduction with very natural sound pick-up for either distant or close-up use.

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