Bosch PC BOUNDARY SAT Multi-Pa ...

Bosch PC BOUNDARY SAT Multi-Pattern Wireless Boundary Microphone

Bosch PC BOUNDARY SAT Multi-Pattern Wireless Boundary Microphone

Product Highlights

• Selectable polar patterns; omni, cardioid, supercardioid or figure 8

• RF shield provides superior RFI/GSM shielding

• Consistent microphone voicing across all four (4) patterns

• High visibility blue LED clearly displays mic status to the user

• Accepts bodypack transmitters

Product Details

The PC-BOUNDARY-SAT from Bosch is a low-profile area microphone that can be used on any surface and is designed to integrate most wireless bodypack transmitters. Featuring the identical polar pattern, filter, and mute-switch functionality as its wired counterpart, it is ideal for any wireless installation requiring premium-grade area coverage. The PC Boundary Satellite features an PolarChoice multi-pattern microphone. The multi-pattern versatility of the PolarChoice microphone makes it a true “problem solver”. With one non-directional and three directional polar patterns available, the PolarChoice microphone is ideal for virtually any installation. Of particular interest is the figure 8 pattern that allows miking people on opposite sides of a table with only one mic, while providing dramatic reduction of ambient room noise.

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