Bosch PL35 Dynamic Tom, Snare and Instrument Microphone

Bosch PL35 Dynamic Tom, Snare and Instrument Microphone

Product Highlights

• Voiced for open and natural tom and snare sound

• Unique body design for clean cable management

• Supercardioid polar pattern

• Excellent off-axis rejection

• Powerful Neodymium magnet structure

Product Details

The PL35 from Bosch is a professional-grade supercardioid dynamic microphone designed to deliver the power, punctuation and natural tones of toms and snare drums in any size sound reinforcement system or recording studio. With its frequency response designed for that special tonal area toms and snare drums occupy, the PL35 delivers all of the “dialed-in” tone and percussive impact detail professional drummers and sound system engineers require. The PL35’s tight supercardioid polar pattern is designed to minimize off-axis information from nearby drums and instruments entering the capsule, and allows for a very isolated instrument sound and higher gain before feedback.

Cable clutter and positioning in tight spaces can always be an issue when miking toms and snares, and the PL35’s clever cable exit angle of 37.5° relative to the body reduces the vertical space above the drum required for the XLR connector and cable. The PL35 is supplied with the unique DRC-1 drum rim clamp which eliminates the need for a floor stand and boom, and allows easy-on / easy-off attachment of the microphone to virtually any drum brand steel rim.

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