Bosch RCC-PL22 Dynamic Microph ...

Bosch RCC-PL22 Dynamic Microphone for HT-300

Bosch RCC-PL22 Dynamic Microphone for HT-300

Product Highlights

• Superb voice intelligibility

• Ideal for singing or voice presentation

• Cardioid polar pattern helps avoid sound system feedback

• Dynamic element does not consume transmitter battery power

• Internal shock mount reduces handling noise

Product Details

The RCC-PL22 from Bosch is the stock removable microphone head of the HT-300 handheld transmitter, found in the R300-HD wireless system. The RCC-PL22 contains the PL22 microphone capsule, as well as the threaded mounting ring assembly for adapting it to the handheld transmitter body.

A great solution for singing or voice presentation, the PL22 head effectively enhances voice intelligibility, and its cardioid polar pattern helps reduce sound system feedback potential when used properly.

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