Bosch RE90H Hanging Choir Micr ...

Bosch RE90H Hanging Choir Microphone, Black

Bosch RE90H Hanging Choir Microphone, Black

Product Highlights

• Cardioid Polar Pattern

• Shielded Pre-Amplifier

• Wide Frequency and Sensitivity Response

Product Details

The RE90H from Bosch is a cardioid, electret condenser hanging microphone designed to capture audio for performances, houses of worship and anywhere a hanging microphone is required. The cardioid polar pattern is effective in minimizing signal at the off-axis sections of the microphone capsule. The pattern greatly reduces room noise, creating a higher tolerance for feed-back when placed near monitors and speakers.

The RE90H flat, wide frequency response provides transparent, smooth signal reproduction of vocal and instrument signals. The sensitivity response enables detailed audio signal at close and distant proximities. The supplied steel wire hanger and holding nut enable horizontal and vertical adjustment for accurate microphone placement. The RE90 is powered via 9 to 52V phantom power source.

(BOSCH) - أنظمة الصوت Microphone