Bosch RE90P-12 12-Inch Condens ...

Bosch RE90P-12 12-Inch Condenser Cardioid Gooseneck Microphone

Bosch RE90P-12 12-Inch Condenser Cardioid Gooseneck Microphone

Product Highlights

• RF Shield provides superior RFI/GSM shielding

• Small size - unobtrusive for podium applications

• Frequency and cardioid polar response uniform across the range, for natural sound and high resistance to feedback

• Low, 200-ohm output allows long cable runs

• Optional CPSM podium shock mount provides more than 15 dB of mechanical shock isolation at 200 Hz

Product Details

The RE90P-12 from Bosch is a podium microphone phantom-powered “back-electret” miniature condenser gooseneck microphones. The back-electret feature provides greater sensitivity, wider frequency response, and superior immunity from handling noise than a diaphragm-electret microphone. The RE90P-12 is highly-shielded from RFI/GSM interference, and is mechanically designed for quick, easy mounting to a lectern, pulpit or podium equipped with a bulkhead female XLR-type 3-pin receptacle. For permanent installation, optional fixed (FMK flange-mount kit) and shock-mounted (CPSM shock-mount kit) accessories are also available. The RE90P-12 is designed for sound reinforcement applications. The frequency response is tailored for full-range sound reproduction with natural sound pick-up optimized for close-up use.

A podium microphone with dual-section gooseneck, the RE90P achieves sonically superior performance at a very affordable price. Featuring premium performance RE90 capsules and in-line preamps, these goosenecks deliver the great sound and reliability that professional sound contractors demand.

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