TOA SOUND SYSTEM Emergency Rem ...

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Emergency Remote Microphone RM‐200XF

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Emergency Remote Microphone RM‐200XF


Emergency Remote Microphone

A dedicated microphone for the VX-2000 system, the RM-200XF is designed to be exclusively used for emergency broadcast, however it can be used for general-purpose broadcast applications as well.

► For emergency broadcast and general purpose broadcast applications

► Push-button zone selection

► PC-programmable system software allows assigning of functions to the individual keys (each with 2 LED)

► Per 1 RM-200XF up to 10 extensions of RM-210 or RM-320F

► Up to 4 Emergency Microphones per 1 system

► CPU-switch for emergency broadcast to all zones even in case of a CPU error

► Automatic failure detection of emergency keys and in the signal path (control and audio signals) between microphone (including microphone element) and system manager

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