NOTIFIER FIRE ALARM Microphone assembly for mounting RM-1

RM-1 NOTIFIER, Microphone assembly for mounting to an ADP-4 dress panel.
The RM-1 Notifier Series Remote Microphone provides a costeffective microphone interface for paging to selected speaker zones. The Power and Trouble LEDs provide easy-to-understand visual indications of its status. Various mounting options are available. The microphone assembly can be mounted in a small, compact enclosure or located in a comprehensive paging command center.

The RM-1 Series remote microphone can be utilized with the DVC Digital Voice Command Center and DAA2 amplifiers, or to expand a legacy installation.

Automatic gain control circuit.
Supervised microphone.
Form-C trouble contacts.
Form-C contacts activated when microphone is in use.
Power On LED.
Trouble LED.
Pluggable terminal blocks.
Low-level audio (LLA) IN and THRU screws.
The RM-1 can mount to the back of an ADP-4B dress panel inside a CAB-3 or CAB-4 Series cabinet. It can be mounted in any of the four positions on the dress panel, with the following exception:
-Do NOT mount the RM-1 in front of a CHS-4L chassis.

Power requirements: 20 mA primary, non-fire alarm current; 66 mA when microphone is activated; 20 mA secondary, non-fire alarm current. Operating voltage: 17 to 26.4 volts

(Notifier) - انذار الحريق FIRE ALARM