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TOA SOUND SYSTEM High Performance Speaker SR‐C8S

TOA SOUND SYSTEM High Performance Speaker SR‐C8S


High Performance Speaker

The SR-C8S is a 2-way line array speaker featuring wave front control technology which creates a sound field with high sound clarity and uniform sound pressure. Recommended digital speaker processor is the DP-SP3. It can be converted into the bi-amplifier drive system by changing the internal connection.

► Sync-Drive wave guide technology

► Uniform, high frequency sound field with excellent sound clarity and minimal interference

► Phase wave-front control technology for a high-frequency sound range that is attenuation free and high fidelity

► Adjustable sound coverage by connecting a number of speakers and combinig speakers with different dispersion angles

► Feedback resistant - reflection-free operation

► Single or bi-amp mode

► Drivers can be quickly replaced from the rear of the speaker enclosure

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