Bosch STH-4R Cluster Horn Loud ...

Bosch STH-4R Cluster Horn Loudspeakers, Red

Bosch STH-4R Cluster Horn Loudspeakers, Red

Product Highlights

• Multi-directional sound

• Field-selectable taps from 1 W to 15 W for either 25 VRMS or 70 VRMS

• UL-rated reverberant frequency range from 400 Hz to 4 kHz

• Mounts on wall or ceiling

• Conduit knockouts for ½-inch or ¾-inch couplings

Product Details

The STH-4R Cluster Horn Loudspeaker is designed for high ambient noise environments such as manufacturing plants, processing plants, and factories. This is available in configurations with four horns that meet the requirements of UL1480. Horn can deliver up to 102 dB at 15 W at 10 feet (3m).

(BOSCH) - أنظمة الصوت HORN SPEAKER