Veilux SVEX-171 Adopts Qualtiy 17.1-inch LCD Plate, Resolution 1024X768

Veilux SVEX-171 Adopts Qualtiy 17.1-inch LCD Plate, Resolution 1024X768

Product Highlights

• Used In Ex-proof Area For Monitoring

• Quality LCD Display

• Composite Video Signal Input

• Plane Board Design For Much Space

• Small & Easy Design For Easy Transportation

Product Details

The SVEX-171 from Veilux is a SVEX-151 adopts quality 17.1" LCD plate, resolution 1024x768, pixel distance 0.297mm with supply voltage at 220vac. SVEX-171'supply voltage is 100vac~220vac. VGA port and standard video port support NTSC and pal mode. display window adopts special steel glass to make sure its good picture. This SVEX-171Explosion-proof Monitor as a new monitoring equipment has changed the situation that terminal monitor could only be put in the control room, it also can be used in the flammable and explosive environment, supplying a much clearer monitoring picture for customers, which advances the flexibility of system collocation greatly. SVEX-171adopts advanced production techniques and mature quality management system to make its quality performance and appearance a leading position in explosion-proof monitoring products. This monitor owns an advantage of small volume light weight and easy installation features.

SVEX-171 is strictly according to European Directive EC/94/9 and EN50014, Standards of GB3836.1-2000 GB3836.1—2000 Electrical apparatus for explosive atmosphere: General requirements, GB3836.2-2000 Electrical apparatus for explosive atmosphere: Flameproof ‘d’ and GB12476.1-2000 Electrical apparatus for explosive dust: Using enclosure and limiting surface temperature for protecting electrical apparatus Chapter 1: Technical requirements, the monitor housing is made of stainless steel,IP65 enclosure rating and this monitor could be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, jetty, port, mine, space, army and foodstuff area. The high-performance LCD screen is installed inside, supplying the resolution of 1024 x 768 which could show the picture sharply; the quick response time could show the moving picture excellently; TCO’03 guarantees the maximal security and human engineering standard.

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