Veilux SVEX-6004C Dust & Corrosion Proof Camera Housing

Veilux SVEX-6004C Dust & Corrosion Proof Camera Housing

Product Highlights

• Stainless Steel Material

• C - For Camera with Wiper & Sun-shield

• Applied in Great Change Atmospheres

• Tough Steel Glass for Window

• Housing Back with 2 or 3 Outlets

Product Details

This SVEX-6004-C dust and corrosion proof camera housing. New dust proof housing which adopts advanced production techniques and matured quality management system to make its quality, performance and appearance a leader in monitoring products. Complete stainless steel structure is used to follow the requirement of IP68, auto heater, sunshield and wiper are optional for different weather conditions. The SVEX-6004-C series dust-tight enclosure permits the use of cameras in small particle and dusty environments. The enclosure is constructed from aluminum and is also available in stainless steel for use in corrosive atmospheres. The enclosure is engineered for ease of installation and serviceability.

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