Veilux SVEX-T100A Explosion Proof Camera Housing

Veilux SVEX-T100A Explosion Proof Camera Housing

Product Highlights

• Stainless Steel Material

• Inside Be w/ Fixed Lens or Zoom Lens Camera

• Steel Glass For Window

• 3 Cable Outlets at Housing Rear

• Indoor or Outdoor For All-Weather Use

Product Details

The Veilux SVEX-T100 incorporates solid stainless steel construction offering dust and waterproof protection for this rugged explosion proof camera housing. When we are talking about being explosion proof, it is important to remember this does not mean the housing was designed to withstand an explosion necessarily. So, you cannot strap a bomb to the housing and expect it to survive a blast. It might though... Explosion proof actually means that the housing is completely sealed and will not cause an explosion when used in combustible environments such as surveillance at a chemical plant.

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