Bosch US602FL Handheld Communi ...

Bosch US602FL Handheld Communications Dynamic Microphone

Bosch US602FL Handheld Communications Dynamic Microphone

Product Highlights

• Handheld Communications Dynamic Microphone

• Noise Cancelling

• Optimized for Speech

• Push-To-Talk Button opens the microphone's signal path

Product Details

The US602FL from Bosch is a low impedance handheld dynamic microphones with a pushto-talk switch. The model US602FL is a bidirectional, noise-cancelling microphone designed for high articulation speech transmission in high ambient noise conditions. The microphone can be used in noisy situations where successful voice communications would otherwise be impossible. This microphone have a high output level and great performance stability through wide extremes of temperature and humidity, making the US602FL an excellent choice for communications. Typical applications include amateur radio, police, marine services, commercial and paging. The US602FL noise-cancelling characteristic makes it especially effective for use in public address applications where severe feedback due to microphone position in relation to loudspeakers is a problem. The US602FL is designed for comfortable, convenient use. The functional styling, the extremely durable Polycarbonate housing and the lifetime switch assembly all result in a microphone with superior performance, capable of long-term survival in the most demanding applications.

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