Veilux VDIP-2V 2 Megapixel Indoor Camera With IR

Veilux VDIP-2V 2 Megapixel Indoor Camera With IR

Product Highlights

• High Performance SoC ARM9 Processor: Hisilicon 3512

• Support Both High Sensitivity SONY CCD

• H.264 Main Profile @ Level 3, Realize Transmission of High Definition Video Over Low Network Bandwidth Easily

• Up to 30 Frames Per Second in All Resolutions Ranging Up to 720 x 480

• Up to 10 Viewers can Directly Access the Camera Simultaneously

Product Details

Veilux VDIP-2 Series 2.0 Megapixel IP Cameras are designed for high definition network surveillance based on Micron CMOS sensor with high-performance multimedia processor. It adopts the embedded Linux OS. It supports H.264 Main Profile, Baseline Profile, MJPEG, JPEG and so on video encoding standards. It has the advanced megapixel technology with SD card storage and picture snapshot. It can communicate with IPTV terminal devices. It is a set of video capture, image processing, video transmission, video storage, video management functions in one type of high-definition, high-performance network camera.

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